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Family Registration

All our candidates have been screened by the agency and have at least one year childcare experience,
traceable references and first aid knowledge/certification to be considered in any role:

Do you require an Au Pair?

(Au Pair required, Click here)
An au pair is usually a 20-35 year old candidate; Au pairs have valid driver’s licenses, their own vehicles,
first aid, are non-smokers and have traceable references. Au pairs generally charge an hourly rate,
can assist with part time or full time requirements as well as afterhours babysitting if needed

Do you require a Nanny?

(Nanny required, Click here:)
Nannies are usually African candidates who can assist with childcare requirements as well as light housework.
Nannies usually charge a monthly rate and are employed full time. Nannies do not have driver’s licenses

Do you require a Tutor?

(Tutor required, Click here:)
Tutors have relevant teaching degree’s or experience, can assist with home tutoring, remedial, OT and
homework assistance. Tutors charge an hourly rate and facilitate their lessons/sessions at the family home or child's school.

Do you require the services of a Night Nurse?

(Night Nurse required, Click here:)
 Night nurses ussually assist with babies from birth to toddlers, night nurses work in shifts and
can offer temporary or permanent relief to new parents, sickyl babies, twins and triplets, single parent families or families with demanding careers

Do you require a Special needs' Facilitators?

(Facilitator required, Click here:)
Facilitators can assist with an array of special needs requirements. School facilitators can accompany your child to school,
and provide valuable one on one care. Home facilitators can assist with ensuring you special needs child is cared for
in their own environment. Our facilitators are trained in a range of special needs genres, namely autism, ADHD,
sight and hearing impediments, down syndrome, brittle bone disease, etc.

Do you require a Care Giver?

(Care Giver required, Click here:)
A Care Giver can assist with physical and emotional care for elderly/frail as well as ill loved ones in their home environment.
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